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6 week ONLINE Clinical Orientation Medical Coaching

and Mentorship Course

Best Bridging Orientation Course for IMGs  


  • AUD $998

  • AUD $499 x2 instalments 


CPD hours 

60 hours CPD Points 

Timetable  ​

  • 2 hours per class and 2-3 classes per week 

  • Weekdays & Weekends (10am - 1pm)

Key features 

  • Comprehensive program offering a complete clinical & medical tutoring + 1:1 mentorship & career guidance 

  • Especially designed for International Medical Graduates hoping to obtain a job in an Australian and other similar Western Health Systems.

  • Emphasis is on practical medical knowledge, communication skills and dedicated professional mentorship


8 Week programme includes


Online Clinical Orientation 

  • Australia's best clinical orientation program taught by Consultants Physicians working in Australian Health System 

  • Medical, Surgical O&G, Emergency, Psychiatry and Paediatric Cases as seen in hospital (Australian Health System) 

  • Conducting tasks expected for Junior medical officers  

  • Introduction to Hospital IT system

  • Team learning and interactions with inpatient specialist teams and liaising with nursing, paramedical & allied healthcare for efficient patient management 

  • Professional conduct e.g How to dress, talk and maintain professionalism

  • Learning to respect ethnic, cultural & religious beliefs in hospital work environment  

Medical Coaching and Tutoring 

  • Most common hospital cases (Tips on Management and efficiently conducting their routine/daily tasks) 

  • Medical Documentation & must do medico-legal consideration 

  • OSCEs & Case based discussions 

  • Grand Rounds (Participant doctors are encouraged to present cases for developing confidence and communication skills) 



  • Guidance through Medical recruitment process (CV, wording medical applications and practising Interview sessions) 

  • Coaching on how to build medical portfolios for positive professional growth and development  

Any questions, please email : 

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I love the way this course has been designed and I enjoyed every single bit of the course. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Emergency focus tutors for making this 8 weeks course really comprehensive, organized, and enjoyable. I highly recommend this course for other IMGs who are struggling to understand the Australian healthcare system.

Dr Gayatri 

Thank you Dr Rizwan Qureshi for creating such an amazing platform IMG, can’t expressed in words. Your valuable guidance &mentorship meant a lot. Being part of this course has been one of my best decisions. Now i can see a huge difference in myself from before joining this course to now.Thank you for all the faculty.

Dr Siddiqui 

A big thank you doctors ⁩ for creating such an amazing platform for us IMGs.It was a a very valuable learning experience for us all.I personally was able to understand some concepts for the first time in my life..Hats off to you for all the dedication and hard work and putting all your thoughts into creating this programme.Being a part of this course was the best decision ever

Dr Almas

Thanks Dr.Rizwan, Dr.Yasir, Dr.Waseem, and Dr. Jabeen. I am grateful to meet such a great team of mentors that have helped me personally to become a better doctor and individual in this journey. I will always be thankful for meeting the team as well as the candidates in this course.Thank you and thank you again so much for supporting us and being there always.

PS: future candidates this is the best online orientation course ever!!! .....grab this opportunity when you get it 

Dr Samantha 

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