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ONLINE Professional

Communication Skills Workshop  

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Duration 1 Day (4 hours ) Online via ZOOM 

  • Certificates for 4 hours CPD 

  • Faculty Consultant Emergency Physicians working in Western Health System (Australia, UK , Canada) ​​

Who is it for ?

  • Junior medical officers (Interns, Residents)

  • Medical students (Final year)

  • International Medical Graduates 

  • AMC, PLAB, USMLE, Membership & Fellowship Exam candidates


Areas covered 

  • Complaint management 

  • Aggressive behaviour patient or relative

  • Adverse incident management

  • End of life care discussion with compassion and empathy 

  • Ceiling and limitation of care 

  • How to refer a patient from Emergency to consultants over phone or in person 

  • Obtaining consent (for medical procedures, medical exams) 

Teaching format 

  • Small group of participants per faculty 

  • Clinical scenario based interactive learning 

  • Time capped to 10 minutes of candidate performance

  • 10 minutes of detailed feedback to participant by faculty

  • 5 point approach (key issues relevant to the scenario) 

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Case based scenarios practising essential medical communication skills 

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