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CEO & Doctor: Secrets of A High Achiever | Dr. Rizwan Qureshi

My life as a struggling and almost failing IMG to being a Consultant and a successful business owner in Australia . An honest interview and trip down the memory lane with Dr Hamza Bokhari!

Welcome to our exploration of success, resilience, and the human spirit, where we're delving into the life of Rizwan, a 27-year-old dynamic doctor whose journey has been anything but ordinary. From the nurturing influence of his mother to his unwavering persistence, Rizwan's story is a testament to the power of mindset and the quest for happiness. We'll uncover the keystone habits that have propelled individuals from mediocrity to greatness, and how being a 'yes man' can open doors to success. Rizwan's narrative also confronts the harsh realities of bullying in the medical field, the sting of racism in Australia, and the universal challenge of career setbacks. Through the toughest moments of his career, he has learned to get back on his feet, transforming failures into stepping stones. As we navigate through his advice for future generations and the dreams inherited from his parents, join us in uncovering the essence of what it takes to turn adversity into achievement


00:00 - Introduction

01:53 - Rizwan as a 27 year old

06:46 - Rizwan's mother's impact on his life

08:24 - Why do some succeed and others don’t?

10:37 - Mindset to build persistence

12:15 - Processing happiness

14:24 - Keystone habit to success

16:52 - Many high achiever's, weren't always high achievers

18:58 - Owning a business & finding your motivation

26:25 - Facing stagnation in growth

31:00 - Be a yes man if you want to succeed

33:23 - Dealing with bullying in the medical field

37:33 - Approaching bullying as a junior staff

39:37 - Experiencing racism in Australia

41:43 - Different approaches to career difficulties

43:19 - The toughest moment in Rizwan's career

45:43 - Getting back on your feet after facing failure

47:30 - What advice would Rizwan give for future generation immigrants

50:02 - Harnessing failures to build success

50:33 - Traits Rizwan received from his father & mother

52:58 - ‘Dreams from my father’ - Living the dreams of your parents

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