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International Medical Graduates

Top 10 tips to define your success

1. If you’re medical graduate in last 5 years make sure your CV reflects 5 years of proper medical training - good intern ship + resident training and appropriate exams + courses and workshops

2. If there are gaps please don’t sit writing preparing for AMC/ PLAB/USMLE or getting married. Fill you gaps with medical courses, clinical observerships or distant learning programmes ..there are so many can do medical language and communication skills, phlebotomy, masters public health, masters in critical care or epidemiology BUT Don’t every sit idle. Consider this as an investment in your future. Doctor jobs pay well in Australia and if you invest in your growth now you will be rewarded for it and make up the deficits in a very short duration of time

3. Please fill as many application forms as possible and make sure your answer the question that matches the job description writing see attached CV is eliminating your chance of getting shortlisted

4. When you get clinical observership, make it your best chance 80% chance is you will get your first job here. Display punctuality, see cases with your supervisors and make notes to learn. When not busy ask questions why was this done in this way ? Show interest in local teaching and offer help with teaching presentation DO IT especially of you interesting case you saw with consultant

5. If you need to ask for a reference make sure you have impressed them enough to give you a good reference. Simple generic reference for IMG is as good as no reference !

6. If you get a job ..BE VERY EFFICIENT in your work. Your competition is against locals ONLY way to shine is excellent communication, respect and speed of your work.

7. Be proactive with audits and contribute to research data collection several running in department at a time

8. Be presentable, look around how the doctors are dressed…now increasing trend in wearing scrubs across all specialities and even consultants … and try blend in wear scrubs in ED ICU

9. Keep yourself engaged in courses, exams and utilise every job opportunity as a step ladder that will take you higher and closer towards your goals of becoming a consultant or GP in Australia

10. Most importantly AVOID negative discussions and believe in yourself and your efforts

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