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Emergency Medicine 

OSCE approach   

To pass an Emergency Medicine OSCE exam, the physician needs to focus on 3 key aspects 

  1. Specific knowledge to complete each task of the scenario 

  2. Consultant level communication 

  3. Time management 

OSCE Practice   

Real time 

Challenge self to practice under real exam conditions from the Day1

Rapidity of knowledge production under real exam time ensures key issues in tasks are addressed in time 


Critical and constructive feedback is vital to make sure candidates maximise their good points and improve on performance limitations. Feedback are also key to boost confidence for the exam 


Repetition ensures memorisation for key facts to be used for similar themed OSCE scenarios. This improves confidence and chances of passing even most challenging EM OSCES


Perfection comes from practising diverse topics of Emergency Medicine OSCE when done in small batches of mini mock exams by doing a cluster of cases

OSCE course   

12 week preparation plan  

  1. 12 weeks of weekly online zoom OSCE scenario practice sessions

  2. Last week focuses on  2 full day OSCE practice sessions 

  3. Detailed feedback and constructive tips to improve throughout the sessions 

OSCe course Dates   


Tuesday 9 January 2024  - Tuesday 19 March 2024 
Every Tuesday 7 - 10 pm AEST 


Tuesday 4 June to Tuesday  10 September 
Every Tuesday 7 - 10 pm AEST 

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