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How You can Work as a GP in Australia

90% percent of our GP PEP applicants hold qualifications from either the MRCGP SA or MRCGP international programs, originating from the Middle East, Pakistan, and India.

The remaining 10% are from South Africa and possess FCFP (Fellow College of Family Physicians of South Africa) certification. Both qualifications are deemed partially comparable, requiring further supervised work in Australia and successful completion of the FRACGP Exams.

How You Can Apply to Australia as a GP

There are two categories to applying as a General Practitioner.

Substantial comparable programs:


2. Membership of the Irish College of General Practitioners

3. Membership of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia

4. Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners

5. Master of Specialization in General Medicine, University of Liège for Belgium

6. Certification in the College of Family Physicians for Canada

7. Specialist in Family and Community Medicine from Spain

8. Specialist in Family Medicine from Malta

9. FCPS Family Medicine from Pakistan (considered substantially comparable with at least 2+ years of consultant or specialist family medicine experience)

10. FCPS Emergency Medicine (FCPS EM) from Pakistan

11. FCPS Internal Medicine from Pakistan

Partial comparable programs:

1. Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners International - South Asia

2. Fellowship of the College of Family Physicians of South Africa (FCFP(SA))

3. MD Family Medicine Sri Lanka (Family Medicine Specialist Board certification required)

4. Saudi Board in Family Medicine

5. Master in Family Medicine, National University of Malaysia

6. Master of Medicine in Family Medicine Singapore

7. Diplomate of Family and Community Medicine

8. Certification of the American Board of Family Medicine


What your plan should be as a General Practitioner

1. Pass FRACGP Exam

Within the first 2 years, focus on preparing for and passing the FRACGP exam which is a vital step towards gaining recognition as a GP in Australia.

2. Secure Permanent Residency and Citizenship

3. Choose Regional Specialization

4. Save for Housing

5. Relocate to a Central Location

6. Utilize Career Guidance Resources

7. Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

Having trouble with resources? With 80 RACGP-accredited CPD hours, Emergency Focus has you covered with GP Clinic Essentials, your end-to-end spectrum as a General Practitioner currently working in Australia or considering doing so. This course helps you:

  • master your clinical practice

  • prepare for your GP exams

  • work efficiently in GP administration

  • earn RACGP-accredited CPD points as an annual professional requirement

Keep in mind that this plan is designed to optimize your professional and personal goals while navigating the complexities of migration and settling into a new country. Good luck!

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