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Clinical Orientation Course

A$649.99 for 1 year

Clinical Orientation Course
Clinical Orientation Course

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Immediate access

Immediate access to sessions

About the Event

Clinical Orientation Course 6 week course includes (60 hours CPD)


Most common case oriented discussions (Role play History + Exam + investigations + Management ) 


  1. Introduction to Hospital system and Team management in Hospital
  2. Stroke & TIA 
  3. Head and neck injuries
  4. Headaches and Neck pain 
  5. ENT and Eye Emergencies 
  6. Chest pain, Abdominal pain and Back pain 
  7. Hepatic failure, Ascites and Hepatic encephalopathy
  8. Acute aortic syndromes & Renal Emergencies 
  9. Gynaecology and Obstetric presentations in ED
  10. Lumps, Hernia and ano-rectal diseases
  11. Alcohol Intoxication, Sepsis and Supratherapeutic INR + coagulopathy management 
  12. DVT + Cellulitis + Lower limb swelling and Acute ischaemic limb
  13. Metabolic and Endocrine presentations (DKA, Thyroid Strom, Hyponatraemia
  14. Lower Limb Injuries X-rays and Interpretation and Management Join
  15. Common Joint diseases and falls 
  16. Complaints, Bullying Harrasment in Hospitals

WORKSHOPS (Case based interactive sessions) 

  1. Adult Resuscitation Masterclass (ECG + Blood Gas + Radiology Interpretation & Cases oriented sessions)
  2. Paediatric Resuscitation Masterclass (Paediatric Trauma, Infections, Emergencies, Neonatal Resuscitation) 
  3. Acute Cardiology Masterclass (Acute coronary syndromes, Arrhythmias, HTN, CCF, Vavular heart disease, HTN)
  4. Career Guidance Workshop (Complete guidance on CV, Medical application, Interviews and job applications) 
  5. Medical Documentation Workshop (Documentation in ED, Ward and Hospital setting for patients) 
  6. Medical Communication Workshop (Breakbad news, Conflict resolution, Complaints, Non accidental injuries, patient referrals) 


  • Career Gudiance and Mentorship workshop - Q&A specific queries 
  • Grand Rounds (Participant doctors present cases for developing confidence and communication skills) and given feedback 

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