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Job assistance for ALL specialities


Personalised documentation service

Specialist & Short term training Jobs

A$1249 | Professional Medical CV, Cover letter & Application form Q&A & Interview session

Specialist & Short term training Jobs
Specialist & Short term training Jobs

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Job assistance for ALL specialities

Personalised documentation service

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Personalised 1:1 CV, Application form and Cover letter & Interview service 

Key points for  successful Specialist comparability and Shorterm Training pathway jobs 

  1. Application form responses to a high standard based on clinical, academic and governance related issues as per job selection criteria
  2.  Focused CV & Cover letter at a Consultant level
  3. Simple yet effective format of all documents in acceptable Australian medical job standard  

Dr Rizwan Qureshi's personlised service will give you an edge in the competetive recruitment process 

The program is organised in 5 steps: 

Step 1 Participant books the session from website and provides with current updated CV or specialist college application form  via email

Step 2 Dr Rizwan Qureshi will personally go through your CV and reformat, reword and redesign to high professional standard. Dr Rizwan will also draft an initial application form with answered selection criteria questions based on participant's CV (in 10 days) 

Step 3 Participant will review all 3 documents (CV, Cover letter and Application form) and if there are any issues with documents, it will be addressed immediately 

Step 4 Participant doctors will be sent jobs (Registrar , Fellow and Specialist ) as they are advertised on various Australian websites and recruitment agencies specific to their speciality of training (Surgery and allied, Medicine and allied, Radiology, O&G, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, ICU, Anaesthesia etc). IT WILL STILL BE RESPONSIBILTY FOR DOCTOR TO APPLY FOR OWN JOBS via own profile 

Step 5 Once shortlisted Dr Rizwan Qureshi will do 1:1 zoom Interview practice for the job application provide a detailed feedback along with video and written ideal responses to the questions 


  • Personalised Service

    Medical CV, Application & Coverletter

    Tax: +$124.90 GST



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