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General practitioners(GP) Needed for Australia

GP Practice experience pathway (PEP) for Australia: MRCGP + Many other foreign GP degrees recognized

In March 2023, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) made a significant announcement that would open new doors for overseas doctors. Recognizing doctors with MRCGP International (South Asia), the RACGP has facilitated a pathway for these medical professionals to work as general practitioners (GPs) in Australia. This move is part of an effort to address the ongoing GP shortages, especially in regional and rural areas.

The Pathway to Australian General Practice

For doctors holding an MRCGP qualification, the journey to practicing in Australia has become more accessible. By being considered partially comparable specialists through the Practice Experience Program (PEP), these doctors can bypass parts of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams. This recognition directly places them on a training pathway leading to the Fellowship of the RACGP.


During their training, these doctors are not only gaining invaluable experience but are also compensated at rates similar to fully qualified Australian GPs. With salaries ranging from A$250,000 to A$350,000 per annum, the financial benefits are clear.

Opportunities and Support for International Medical Graduates

The Australian government, recognizing the need for more GPs, has streamlined the process for international medical graduates. With the introduction of the International Medical Graduate Recruitment Scheme in February 2023, foreign doctors can now expect a smoother transition to working in Australia.

This support extends beyond just the job search. Eligible programs from countries like Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the USA have been recognized, making it easier for doctors from these nations to qualify.

Navigating the Process with Ease

The pathway to becoming a GP in Australia involves several key steps, from obtaining a comparability assessment to securing a job offer and completing the necessary training and exams. While this may seem daunting, the right guidance can simplify the process significantly.

At Emergency Focus, we specialize in assisting doctors through this journey. Our team of Australian professional doctors is dedicated to helping you complete your application, ensuring all documentation is accurately prepared, and guiding you towards securing the right job in a GP practice.

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PEP assessment 

Dr Rizwan Qureshi and team will provide full assistance for PEP specialist comparability application for MRCGP international which is a specialist team led assistance with RACGP PEP specialist application form review and edit of your clinical cases and making sure all your credentials, qualifications, clinical experience are up to date as per RACGP requirements.

We also normally conduct a 1:1 Interview of the final application before the RACGP submission. We now have 100% success with all our RACGP PEP applications!

Plus, we also help find a job here in Australia 



Payment link:  

Full Details on RACGP PEP 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • You need 18 month FTE GP experience at the time of lodging RACGP application 

  • Recency requirements: 12months FTE GP work in last 48months and 4 weeks in the last 12months 

  • Passed all components of MRCGP International / SA 

  • 50 hours CPD requirement in last 12 month

Documentation service 

As soon as you will register you will get a detail email with links to how to start 

  • Link to start application form Master PEP Application (Exact copy for RACGP PEP form), all edits are done here

  • EPIC/AMC (Links/ instruction)

  • How to make RACGP portal account (Links) 

  • How to make letter of support (Template) 

Online 1:1 meeting to go through your application before final submission

Interviews with various GP practices once your application is approved by RACGP

Processing times 

FULLY complete your Master PEP application our processing time is 7-10 days 

RACGP processing time is 3-5 weeks 

Medical Registration with AHPRA will take about 3-4 weeks 

Visa process may take 4-6 weeks  


A Bright Future in Australian General Practice

The recognition of the MRCGP by the RACGP marks a significant opportunity for overseas doctors. With ample jobs, competitive salaries, and a supportive training pathway, the prospects for becoming a GP in Australia are brighter than ever.

If you're considering this pathway, remember that you're not alone. With professional guidance and support, navigating the application process and finding a fulfilling GP position in Australia can be a smooth and rewarding journey.

For more information and assistance, contact us at Let us help you make your dream of practicing as a GP in Australia a reality.

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