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GP Urgent Care Skills Course

Course overview

The Urgent Care Skills Course allow GPs to gain up-to-date knowledge and re-familiarize themselves with skills and procedures they would not ordinarily manage or encounter in their general practice.

The skills and procedures will enable GPs to work safely, efficiently and independently within the scope of practice expected of GPs working in an Urgent Care Department.

The Urgent Care Skills Course will include lessons and skills stations on the recognition and early management of the acutely unwell patient, identifying the abnormal ECG, acute pain management beyond oral analgesia, acute wound dressing and wound closure, fractures and joint reductions, basic use of the bedside ultrasound for minor procedures and diagnostics, acute dental presentations, ENT urgent matters including foreign body removal as well as burns presentations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify differences in the role and treatment of patients by a GP in Urgent Care.

  2. Recognize the acutely unwell or deteriorating patient and facilitate immediate interventions.

  3. Identify the normal ECG and exclude abnormal in the context of a patient’s presenting symptoms.

  4. Assess musculoskeletal presentations clinically and interpret routine X-rays, then utilize safe reduction, immobilization, and splinting techniques.

  5. Assess and treat common urgent care presentations (ENT, ophthalmologic, dental, soft tissue, burns) in Urgent Care and efficiently refer to appropriate speciality.

Course content

  • Urgent Care in Australia

  • Emergency Presentation

  • Emergency Skills Stations

  • ECG Workshop

  • Musculoskeletal injuries

  • Skeletal Skills Stations 1

  • Skeletal Skills Stations 2

  • Wound Skill Station

  • Acute Pain Workshop

  • ENT Presentations

  • ENT Skills Stations

  • Ultrasound in Urgent Care & Workshop

  • Injections, Aspirations, and drainage skills

  • Dental Presentation and Skills

  • Wound Skills stations

  • Miscellaneous and UC Pearls, Tips & Tricks


Dr Rizwan Qureshi

Dr. Qureshi's mission is to empower every doctor with focused clinical knowledge through skills building and art of presenting their credentials for a desired medical career in a competitive environment. This is achieved via courses and personalised services for hospital and primary care settings.​

Dr Oscar Horky

A Primary Care Doctor (FRACGP) who has worked in the Illawarra Region for over ten years. He has also worked as a full-time Medical Officer in the Australian Army and maintains a strong interest in Wilderness Medicine. He works during his week across urgent care and general practice and is a senior decision-maker in the emergency department as a GP VMO. He is enthusiastic about hands-on practical medicine and sharing his clinical experience across all the settings in the area of health.

Dr Mezie Obigdoh

Dr Mezie Odigboh is an emergency medicine consultant with experience in urgent care and prehospital medicine and a previous role as a Forensic Examiner for the London Metropolitan Police. He shuttles between Wollongong as a FACEM and Urgent Care VMO and as a Medical Officer with the Royal Flying Doctors Service in the Far West. He maintains a special interest in acute pain management.

Dr Dinki Kroukamp

A South African trained Doctor with a love for Emergency, Rural and Remote Medicine. I enjoy the  practical aspect of medicine and excited about   teaching and performing procedures.

Dr Mehrad Ramazany

Dr Mehrad Ramazany MD FRCEM Pgcert Medical ultrasound FACEM is a consultant in Emergency Medicine with interests in teaching, the resus room, and, above all, ultrasound. He recently moved from the United Kingdom and is passionate about teaching and musculoskeletal injuries.

Wendy Fenton

Wendy is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Wollongong Emergency Department and Bulli Urgent Care Centre . She has been practicing as a NP for over 24 years after starting her career in remote communities in Canada. She has a special interest in wounds and burns management and is also involved in the education and training of Nurse Practitioner Candidates and Emergency JMO’s at Wollongong ED.

Intended Audience

GPs working or thinking of working in Urgent Care Centers

Doctors interested in working in general practice.

course location

Rydges Parramatta in Sydney

116-118 James Ruse Dr, Rosehill NSW 2142

Lunch and tea will be served.

course schedule

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